Founded in 2012, Halsa has been producing feed additives in professional technology. Throughout the time, people are more aware of using environmental-friendly products, especially with the elevated living standards and health concerns. Halsa always insists on using natural, zero-pollution, and high-quality products which are aimed to replace antibiotics and chemicals. Our company is safety-oriented, and is among one of the most competitive companies.


Our Determination

We aim to produce pure, natural products for enhancing livestock productivity and lowering disease. We hope to produce feed additives that meet the need of the market and the trend of feed industry, and finally, products that can thoroughly replace antibiotics.

Our Hope

With the idea of creating a “Bright New Future,” we put emphasis on products that are both healthy and nutritional. By strengthening our relationship with existing customers, we will develop the potential customers worldwide. We hope to build a strong connection with the future feed industry, and we would like to invite you to join us!

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